Cagent Vascular is dedicated to improving the treatment of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of mortality and poor quality of life worldwide. The company’s vision is to be the leader for treating atherosclerotic disease with the first and only serration balloon technology to restore blood flow.

Executive Team

Carol Burns

Carol Burns

President & CEO, Co-Founder

Carol Burns is a serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in the cardiovascular sector. She is the founding CEO of Cagent Vascular. Previously she served as the founding CEO of Intact Vascular, the first company formed with her partners Robert Giasolli and Peter Schneider, MD. She has proven success raising capital, recruiting high performance management teams and achieving milestones in a capital efficient manner. Ms. Burns was an integral team member in Embrella Cardiovascular (sold to Edwards LifeScience’s), Animas Corporation (acquired by Johnson & Johnson), Ventrica (acquired by Medtronic) and Guidant Corporation. Carol is a registered nurse, bringing in-depth, clinical expertise to Cagent Vascular. Ms. Burns serves on the Penn Health-Tech Strategic Advisory Board.

Robert Giasolli​

Robert Giasolli

VP Clinical Engineering & Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder

Robert Giasolli is a co-founder of Cagent Vascular and previous co-founder of Intact Vascular.  Currently he serves as the Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Research and Development. He is a leading innovator and inventor of medical device technologies including the Tack Endovascular System® (Intact Vascular) and the Serranator® PTA Serration Balloon Catheter (Cagent Vascular). His years of experience in developing new technologies has enabled him to create Cagent Vascular’s strong patent portfolio.  He is published in the medical and micro-technology fields with multiple peer reviewed publications and over 100 issued patents.  

Aaron Green​

Aaron Green

VP Finance & Business Operations

Aaron Green is a seasoned medical device executive with deep experience both domestically and internationally. Early in his career, he worked in financial services and private equity turnaround and transitioned to healthcare having worked at Medtronic and Samsung Medical.  He has vast experience in various business operations roles including leading new product and service launches, executing marketing strategies including pricing and reimbursement positioning, and developing robust supply chain pipelines.  Aaron has also worked extensively with Hospitals, ASCs, and OBLs to provide them with value-based care solutions for their evolving practice needs.

Peter Johansson

Peter Johansson, PE

Chief Quality & Compliance Officer,
VP Engineering

Peter Johansson is a proud Air Force Veteran who possesses nearly 30 years of medical device development and engineering experience in the cardiac and peripheral vascular space.  He has led teams of engineers from early stage design and development through regulatory approval and commercialization. His contributions have been extremely valuable, resulting in seven of the companies having been acquired. Over the course of his career, Peter has worked on pioneering first-in-class products, including the first endovascular AAA device, large bore access closure, and early structural heart devices.  He has authored a best-practices quality management system that has been implemented at Cagent Vascular.

Schneider Peter

Peter Schneider, MD

Chief Medical Officer, Co-Founder

Dr. Schneider is an innovator, serial entrepreneur, and pioneer in the endovascular interventions space and is the co-founder of Cagent Vascular and Intact Vascular.  He is a Board Certified Vascular Surgeon practicing at the University of California San Francisco.  Dr. Schneider is the author of the widely used, seminal medical textbook Endovascular Skills.   He is also a prolific researcher with multiple scientific publications and advisory board positions for companies including Abbott, Boston Scientific, and Medtronic. He is highly sought after as a Principal Investigator for new, emerging technologies.  Dr. Schneider has previously served as the president of VIVA.

William Hankins

Director of Sales

With his extensive knowledge of the vascular space William Hankins plays an integral role in introducing new technologies to the medical community.  He recently launched the first and only implant approved for treatment of below the knee arterial dissections.  Through his years of cultivating relationships he has become an invaluable asset in identifying and partnering with early physician adopters to lead market development efforts. His most recent venture Intact Vascular was sold in 18 months after leading the sales team in revenue and helping the company achieve its milestones.  It is his passion for building business that has helped propel the successful acquisition of 3 companies over the last 10 years (Access Closure, Volcano/AtheroMed, Intact Vascular).