Cagent Vascular announces FDA 510(K) clearance of next generation device for vessel dilatation in peripheral artery disease interventions

WAYNE, Pa.–(BUSINESS WIRE)—Cagent Vascular, a developer of next generation technology for vessel dilatation in cardiovascular disease interventions, announces FDA 510(k) Clearance of its lead product, the SerranatorTM Alto PTA Serration Balloon Catheter.   The SerranatorTM is the first of a family of peripheral artery disease (PAD) technologies under development which incorporate proprietary Serration Technology to an angioplasty balloon.

“A new approach to vessel dilatation is long overdue for treatment of diseased peripheral arteries. Today we are treating more complex lesions that require better tools. The SerranatorTM is designed to create multiple longitudinal lines of interrupted micro-serrations to aid arterial expansion,” says Vascular Surgeon Peter Schneider, MD.

“We believe Serration Technology will prove to be effective in more complex lesions and will evolve into the new standard of care for vessel dilatation. In the future we hope to show clinical benefit as a vessel preparation tool with new technologies such as drug coated balloons,” continued Dr. Schneider.

Cagent Vascular has received FDA Clearance for its first product, SerranatorTM Alto, indicated for dilatation of lesions in the iliac, femoral, iliofemoral, and popliteal arteries and for the treatment of obstructive lesions of native or synthetic arteriovenous dialysis fistulae.

“FDA Clearance represents a significant milestone.  Our next step is to initiate a study to assess the clinical safety and efficacy of the technology,” says CEO Carol Burns. “We have also begun the development of the SerranatorTM Bass for treatment of the below-the-knee or infrapopliteal arteries, where new technologies are desperately needed for the treatment of Critical Limb Ischemia. Future applications of interest include Serration Technology for vessel preparation prior to the use of Bioresorbable Scaffolds in coronary arteries.”

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Cagent Vascular is leading the way for next generation technology for vessel dilatation. It is the second cardiovascular company formed by co-founders Carol Burns, President & CEO, Peter Schneider, MD, Vascular Surgeon, Chief Medical Officer and Robert Giasolli, VP of Research and Development. Visit for more information.

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